Grauds-PI LTD is a woodworking equipment, non-standard machine and prototype manufacturing company with an experience of over 20 years. Our core competence is the design and manufacturing of reliable, efficient and cost effective woodworking equipment. Therefore our small log processing line is optimized for minimum labor count and maximum sawing productivity.

Our mission:
Our mission is to offer high efficiency and reliability woodworking equipment and small log processing line for the small and medium sized sawmills in Europe. Our aim is to offer equipment which achieves high productivity with minimal labor costs. 

Our vision:
With the combination of high experience and innovative solutions we aim to become the leading woodworking equipment manufacturer in the Baltic states and offer the most competitive products on the market.

Due to our high experience in machine engineering as well as non-standardized machine production we are producing customer demanded prototypes and tools for technology demonstrators for the research and technology (R&T) division EADS Innovation Works.
Located in Europe, Latvia we can offer high quality woodworking equipment at a very good price point. In over 20 years we have established a solid cooperation with several local and foreign sawmill companies. The cooperation with EADS Innovation Works in the field of research and technology is a good proof of our capabilities.