Pallet nailing machine

Pallet nailing machine PN-1

The semi automatic pallet nailing machine is an ideal tool for the production of various dimension pallets. Its construction allows a fast and easy change of pallet nailing dimensions thus enabling a fast switch between standard and non-standard pallet nailing. Only one operator is needed and it reaches an output of 180-200 pallets per 8 hour shift (depending on the operator skills and work organization).
Two nail guns with different size nails are hung in two spring balancers for better tool handling. Pneumatic block holders and pallet lifters ensures high quality and easy handling. The operation height and tilt is adjustable.
Two year limited warranty.

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  • Output: 180-200 pallets per 8h
  • Only 1 operator needed
  • Fast and easy size change
  • Pneumatic block holders and pallet lifters
  • Two spring balancers for nail guns
  • Adjustable machine height and tilt

Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Pallet length 700-1550 mm
Pallet width 540-1350 mm
Max. block width 150 mm
Max. no. of blocks 9
Max. no. of top longitudinal boards 9 or full covering
Max. no. of cross boards 3
Max. weight of pneumatic tools 7 kg
Operation air pressure 6 bar
Machine weight 640 kg
Dimensions 2.2 x 1.5 x 1.95 m