Log debarker

Log Debarker RZB-2M/E

The double shaft log debarker RZB-2 cuts off bark from the log using saw blades. A chain conveyer pushes the log through 4 ripsaws for longitudinal sawing. Due to the use of 4 saw blades it is possible to achieve a very thin sawing track thus resulting in high material efficiency. The resulting timber is ready for further sawing in a multi rip saw. After longitudinal sawing the barked log sidings fall aside and can be transported away to a container or resaw line with an optional cross conveyer and lifter fully automatically. A simple access to the saw blades enables a fast and easy saw blade change. The chain conveyer speed can be adjusted electronically.
The timber width (the width between the saw blades) can be set using one of the following two methods:

  • M - In the case of a rare width change the most appropriate method would be a manual size change (RZB-2M). For an optimal output this method requires a lumber sorting by diameter before sawing lumber in the log debarker.
  • E - If you do not want to sort the lumber and saw any width, an electrical width change mechanisms (RZB-2E) is the best option for you. In this case you can preset and save 6 different widths and choose any of them during the sawing process. An electrical drive will adjust the width to the chosen size.

The log debarker RZB-2 construction enables the sawn log sidings to fall aside onto a cross conveyer and lifter transporter. This way the sidings can be transported to a log siding machine or other necessary location. The cross conveyer can be ordered optionally.
Optionally it is possible to order equipment for additional saw blades on each shaft. This will enable the sawing of an board out of each log siding as shown in the pictures and presentation video. This optional equipment can help in the case where the sawmill has a low productivity log siding machine or has no siding machine at all. 

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  • Fast and easy change of sawing width;
  • Optional cross conveyer and lifter for log sidings available;
  • Optional equipment for sawing a board out of each log siding;
  • Easy access to the saw blades;
  • Electronically adjustable feed rate (speed);
  • Adjustable machine height and individually configurable machine legs for uneven floor;
  • Methods for adjusting the sawing width:
    • Manual with hand setting
    • Automatically with an electrical drive


Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Lumber length 0.8-1.5 m
Lumber diameter 120-300 mm
Sawing width 70-150 mm
Ripsaw motor power 2 x 7.5 kW and 2 x 11 kW
Chain feed motor power 2.2 kW
Saw blade diameter 450 mm
Chain feed rate 1-14 m/min
Machine weight 1400 kg
Dimensions 7 x 1.5 x 1.7 m