Log siding machine

Log siding machine CEMA-N

The log siding machine is intended for processing the sidings of the log that remain after the log debarker. In most of the cases it will still be possible to get 1-3 boards out of each siding. The log siding machine  uses 2 vertical saw blades for cutting of “triangles” and up to 4 horizontal saw blades for cutting up to 3 boards.
The vertical blades can change the distance in-between them very fast. 2 positions can be set and swapped very fast so that you can adjust the width of the boards to each siding dimensions individually. The “triangles” that are cut off either fall down or onto an additional conveyor, which moves them away automatically.
At the rear of the machine the horizontal saw blades cut up to three boards out of each siding depending on its dimensions. The distance between the horizontal saw blades can be changed by replacing spacers between the blades.
Two additional line-lasers can be added at the front which will show the vertical saw blade path on the siding. That helps to choose the best board width for each siding.
An additional cross-conveyor can be used to transport the “triangles” away from the machine automatically.

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  • Two fast adjustable sawing (board) widths 
  • Depending on the siding dimensions it is possible to get up to 3 boards per siding
  • Fast and comfortable saw blade replacement
  • Possibility to order line-lasers and cross-conveyor 


Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Siding length 0.8-1.5 m
Siding width 70-400 mm
Siding height 30-150 mm
Adjustable board width 70-145 mm
Vertical saw blade diameter 450 mm
Min. horizontal saw blade diameter 300 mm
Max. horizontal saw blade diameter 450 mm
Saw blade motor power 2 x 7.5; 18,5 kW
Total required power 38 kW
Air pressure 6 bar
Sawing speed 1-22 m/min
Machine weight 1600 kg
Dimensions 7.0 x 1.5 x 1.7 m